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Certification of IT Applications – “Trusted Application”

Communication over the Internet, be it professionally or privately, is nowadays indispensable. Technically, this is primarily made possible by web browsers as a central interface between users and the Internet. Adversaries attempt to exploit vulnerabilities of the Web browser in order to intercept, manipulate or destroy data and information, which can have a lifethreatening impact on businesses. In order to provide users with an orientation guide to the increasingly important criteria of data protection, data security and protective mechanisms under the aspect of “information security”, TÜV TRUST IT has developed the “Trusted Application” certification.

Your benefits

  • Show your customers and business partners that your application meets the required level of quality and security
  • Comprehensive test report highlighting potentials for improvement
  • Effective competitive advantage and promotion of new customer acquisition
  • Online version of the certificate on the website of TÜV TRUST IT
  • The TÜV seal to foster your marketing