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Certification of Cloud Services “Trusted Cloud Service”

Modern information technology offers many new business models. The area of cloud computing is one of them. The use of appropriate cloud services allows companies a very flexible scalability with optimal performance and thus brings enormous cost-saving potentials with it. However, the opportunities of cloud computing also face a number of risks. Cloud service providers can only succeed in the market if they exclude the potential risks to their customers, such as inadequate service availability or privacy issues. So that cloud providers can prove this externally, TÜV TRUST IT has developed the “Trusted Cloud Service certification. With this standardised test method, the quality of cloud services can be objectively checked and certified on the basis of the according regulations and standards.

Your benefits

  • Show your customers and business partners that your application meets the required level of quality and security
  • Comprehensive test report highlighting potentials for improvement
  • Effective competitive advantage and promotion of new customer acquisition
  • Online version of the certificate on the website of TÜV TRUST IT
  • The TÜV seal to foster your marketing