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Certification of IT Services: “Trusted Service”

The right information at the right time and place represents the key competitive factor of the future. In this context, information technology plays an increasingly important role in the economic success of a company. The quality and reliability of the IT-based services form the basis for the efficiency of the business processes. TÜV TRUST IT has developed the “Trusted Service” certification procedure, with which your IT-based services can be checked for their quality and provided with an independent seal of approval.

Your benefits

  • Show your customers and business partners that your IT service meets the required level of quality and security
  • Comprehensive test report that shows where quality weaknesses and risks may be, including optimisation measures
  • Effective competitive advantage and promotion of new customer acquisition
  • Online availability of your certificate on the website of TÜV TRUST IT
  • The TÜV seal to foster your marketing