Information Security for Energy Providers

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Information Security for Energy Providers

So as to sustainably increase the protection of critical infrastructures (KRITIS) in Germany, the Federal Government has decided to introduce an IT security law (IT-SiG). The law defines the minimum requirements for a company’s information security, focusing in particular on critical sectors like energy providers. Likewise, the mandatory IT security catalogue (IT-SiKat) by the Federal Network Agency (FNA) for energy providers and gas grid operators has become effective.

In spite of several security incidents in the context of energy providers, to many the fulfilment of the laws poses a major challenge, especially against the background of the short transition periods. A span of two years for the inter alia demanded setup of an information security management system (ISMS) and a consecutive certification is a narrow timeframe for such an extensive project. It is advisable to arrange enough time for the implementation. Get set up according to the new regulations, now! We will support you in realising the standards in a timely manner by means of our solution approaches, customised specifi cally for power suppliers.

Your benefits

  • Efficient and effective setting up of an ISMS
  • Appropriate business scope
  • Realisation of the current legal requirements
  • Seasoned auditors who dispose of longtime and comprehensive experience in the energy sector

  • Support with customised ISMS-trainings
  • Assistance of an external security representative
  • TÜV TRUST IT as reporting point for security incidents