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ISMS-Framework Basic Package

Setting up and effectively operating an Information Security Management System (ISMS) takes a lot of time and effort. Apart from the establishment of the ISMS-processes required, the international IEC/ISO standard 27001:2013 demands a number of obligatory forms that document the setting up of the ISMS as well as verify the efficacy of the according procedures. This documentation has to be done in a sensible, unified manner that is intelligible to the entire audience addressed, ideally further customised for the respective target group. Generating and administrating one’s own document structure is as a rule very time consuming. In order to save financial and personnel resources in setting up an ISMS, the use of TÜV TRUST IT’s ISMS-framework is well-suited.

Your benefits

  • Setting an appropriate business scope for your ISMS-project
  • Tenet: “As little documentation as possible, as much documentation as necessary”
  • Implementation of the framework based on our developed structures or customised in accordance with your individual document management structures

  • Clearly arranged document structures appropriate to the respective target groups
  • You will benefit from our wealth of experience in efficiently and successfully setting up an ISMS