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eIDAS ETSI basics

On the Subject

In this 3-day training you will learn how the terms and concepts eID,  EU Regulation 910/2014, Qualified Trust Services, PSD-2, ETSI / CEN Standard and CA / B Forum Requirements apply. We will introduce you to and guide you through the world of trust services. We will clarify the basics and illustrate all crucial information for users, operators and auditors. For special, in-depth know-how, we are also happy to provide you with one of our tailor-made in-house trainings.



The Basics (avg. 2 – 3hrs):

  • What is a trust service, what are typical use cases?
  • Schemes, players and structures
  • Laws and norms
  • Audits, methodology & reporting
  • Terminology
  • Basic mechanisms
    • Specific ETSI Standards ETSI EN 319 411-1 and -2
    • Policy model

Thematic complex ETSI Requirements (avg.> 8hrs, depending on the level of detail):

  • Content and structure of essential ETSI standards
  • Requirements for the documentation of a trust service provider (CP / CPS / others)
  • Interpretation of ETSI detail requirements in practice (e.g., ETSI EN 319 401, … 411-1, 411-2, … 421)
  • Procedure and content of an examination according to ETSI requirements
  • Subject area certification scheme

Thematic complex eID, EU-VO 910/2014 (avg. 3hrs):

  • Introduction and history
  • Implementation in the national legal system
  • Requirements for electronic identification
  • Requirements for trust services
  • General provisions
  • Supervision
  • Qualified trust services Electronic signatures
    • Electronic seal
    • Electronic time stamp
    • Validation services
    • Preservation services
    • Services for delivery of electronic registered mail
    • Web site authentication

Process and content of an audit of trust services according to eID


Special topic „CA Hierarchies and Certificate profiles “(avg.> 4hrs):

  • CA hierarchies
  • Certificate & structures
    • Basic structure: x.509 (RFC5280)
    • Structure extensions: ETSI EN 319 412-1 to -5, RFCs

Special topic “CA Life Cycle & Processes” (avg.> 3hrs):

  • Rebuild CA: Key & Certificate Ceremony
    • Identification
  • Registraction
  • Application review
  • Certificate creation and delivery
  • Outsourcing of processes to third parties

Introduction to the “ETSI / eID conformity assessment” (avg.> 4hrs):

  • General requirements for auditors and admission requirements as well as auditors’ ethics
  • Participating instances and necessary interaction
  • Typical process of a test project
  • Recommendation and procedure in tests
  • Requirements and schema of the test reports

Target Group

  • Auditors
  • eID: Company / Employees / Leaders who comply with eID requirements (Regulation 910/2014 of the EU)
    • as decision-makers want to get to know the framework (law, costs, time spent),
    • want to build a new trust service / service,
    • work as security officers,
    • work in the operation of trust services,
    • QM officers of trust services.
  • ETSI Requirements or CA / Browser Forum: Company / Employees / Conductors That Require ETSI Requirements or CA / Browser Forum




A confirmation of participation from TÜV TRUST IT GmbH TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

Venue and Dates

On request

Participation Fee

2.499,– €  per person plus VAT. The participation fee includes course documents, coffee breaks and lunches as well as seminar drinks.

Information & Contact

For more information, please contact Lydia Fichtner Fon.: +49 (0) 151 / 61 33 32 15 or lydia.fichtner@tuv-austria.com.