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Innovation meets individuality – InnoValor B.V. benefits from four certificates at a single audit effort

Special products deserve special solutions

Being able to digitally verify the identity of natural persons by means of their identity documents is essential today, especially in the area of trust services. The Dutch fintech company InnoValor B.V. has taken up this cause and, with its ReadID software, offers an identity verification process that is as innovative as it is uncomplicated and makes use of the possibilities offered by modern chipped ID documents in combination with NFC technology in smartphones

Initial situation

InnoValor has already been certified to the ISO 27001 standard for several years, but had set itself the goal of going beyond this basic certification to demonstrate the security of its ReadID software in order to differentiate itself from competitors and further strengthen the already high level of customer trust. For this purpose, the company brought TÜV TRUST IT on board as an independent expert to be tested according to four important standards in a single audit with the help of a new testing procedure – with success.

After excellent results, TÜV TRUST IT presented a module certificate for trust services according to eIDAS, a module certificate for eID schemes according to eIDAS as well as an ISO 27001 certificate for the information security management system and an ISO 27701 certificate for data protection in the ISMS to those responsible at InnoValor.


The concept of this project applied by TÜV TRUST IT was especially designed for InnoValor and individually adapted to the general conditions in the company as well as to the customer‘s needs. Thus, for the first time, a combined audit according to the procedures eIDAS for eID schemes, eIDAS for trust services, ISO 27001 (ISMS) and ISO 27701 (data protection) was performed in a single audit run – a method that saves both costs and time compared to individual audit runs. TÜV TRUST IT took over the entire coordination of the project and convinced with a perfectly organized project management, starting with the development of the concept and the first preparatory measures up to the handover of the obtained certificates.

Thanks to the excellent audit results, InnoValor will be able to distinguish itself from competitors in various areas in the future with ReadID. For example, the certifi cation according to ISO 27701 proves the conformity to the GDPR and underlines that data protection has a high priority at InnoValor, especially when dealing with sensitive personal data. The company is especially pleased about the certification according to eIDAS for trust services, which should not only be interesting for providers of corresponding services, but also certifies to other InnoValor customers that ReadID also fulfils the requirements of the highest level for identity verification (eIDAS eID, LoA high).