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mediQuu UG receives the “Trusted Application” Certificate

mediQuu is a company that wants to bring together information technology and healthcare. Therefore mediquu UG develops and distributes special solutions that enable doctors and medical practices to easily receive, process and exchange information.

Initial situation

Since information in the health sector must be particularly protected, a special focus on security is necessary for the exchange of data. For this purpose mediQuu has developed the solution “connect”, a platform to guarantee a secure and encrypted exchange of documents between doctors, pharmacies and other providers involved in patient care. mediQuu attaches great importance to data security and proactively promotes it in all areas of the company.






from the left Dirk Bastian (TÜV TRUST IT), René Decker (TÜV TRUST IT), Peter Körner (mediQuu UG),Christian Remfert (mediQuu UG), Matthias Freymann (TÜV TRUST IT)


Two areas were validated during the safety analysis of the mediQuu “connect” application. The examination focused on the technical investigation, the penetration testing and the general data security. The operation of the platform as well as the secure development were considered. The development must be designed in such a way that a change of the programs by unauthorised persons can be practically excluded. The elimination of known vulnerabilities in third-party modules must also be guaranteed.

For a secure operation of a platform, it is assumed that only as few employees as possible have increased access rights and, where technically feasible, only the customers themselves can access their data (privacy by design). Matthias Freymann, Senior Consultant at TÜV TRUST IT, says: “Thanks to mediQuu’s very good preparation, we were able to carry out all tests exactly within the planned time frame. Everything was just perfect, there was no need for any follow-up checks.”


mediQuu wants to ensure that no relevant weak points are present when using the “connect” application by means of the safety analysis. This is the only way to ensure that trust remains with the end user. After a successful investigation of the mediQuu “connect” application, the “Trusted Application” certificate was awarded.

Christian Remfert, Managing Director and responsible for IT development at mediQuu UG, describes the cooperation as follows: “We were enthusiastic about the smooth certification process and the always pleasant communication. We are very satisfied and are already planning the next App certification.”