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Proved security for a smart home: Re-certification of the Bosch Smart Home System

Since its founding as a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH in 2016, Bosch Smart Home GmbH has been developing and improving „smart“ devices that make private households safer and smarter and have enjoyed growing popularity. More and more users are happy to come home to a pre-heated home aft er work and save energy in the process, thanks to remotely operable or automatically regulated thermostats. Others keep an eye on their pets while away from home via smart cameras or feel safer knowing that they will receive a notifi cation if the smoke alarm sounds or a window opens at home. This often creates very complex infrastructures that off er cybercriminals correspondingly large attack surfaces. Since we are dealing here with devices in a private environment, data protection has to be treated as a high priority and IT security must be given special attention.

Initial situation

Cameras and smoke alarms, door and window contacts, thermostats, lighting control devices and much more: the Bosch Smart Home System includes a wide range of smart, wireless-controlled devices that can be easily managed via app, even from outside the home via cloud. All of these are designed to increase the overall quality of living by simplifying daily processes,

increasing user safety or contributing to eff icient energy use. For example, the smart devices allow the user to be informed via push message when a window is opened and enable the creation of schedules for intelligent heating and lighting control. The core of the entire infrastructure is the Smart Home Controller, which is the central control unit that connects all devices and stores system data locally.


Daniel Backes, project manager at the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA Group, is pleased with the good result once again and underlines the practical benefit that Bosch Smart Home GmbH can draw from this re-certification:

„The certificate as a TRUSTED IoT device is a very clear message to the company‘s customers, for whom it is important to be able to trust in the security of their purchased products“.