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Quality Seal for the Security of the Datacenter of St. John’s Ambulance

The Johanniter Competence Center GmbH (JCC), as a full-service provider of the stationary facilities of St. John’s Ambulance, meets high requirements regarding the security of data center operations and has hence been awarded the quality seal “Trusted Data Center” by TÜV TRUST IT.

Initial situation

Under the management of Johanniter GmbH, the work of the stationary Johanniter institutions is bundled in Germany. These include hospitals, specialist and rehabilitation clinics, medical care centres and nursing homes for the elderly. The central IT service provider for the Johanniter GmbH facilities is Johanniter Competence Center GmbH (JCC) based in Berlin. In addition to the operation of IT systems and their support – up to the process level – as a full-service provider,

it handles the strategic purchasing of the Johanniter network. In addition, the operation of a service data center is one of JCC’s core tasks. In its entirety, JCC supports more than 130 stationary facilities, including those outside the Johanniter network. In order to transparently demonstrate the high security standards in data center operation to its customers in the form of a quality seal, JCC has commissioned TÜV TRUST IT to certify its data center according to “Trusted Data Center”.


As part of the certification audit, it was checked whether the defined criteria of the “Trusted Data Center” test catalogue were met on the basis of the three protection goals of availability, confidentiality and integrity and on the basis of business continuity requirements. TÜV TRUST IT has drawn up this test catalogue taking into account national and international standards and best practices. It allows data centers to be evaluated with regard to tolerance to technical faults and to maintaining the processes required for operational reliability.

In the certification project, the existing documentation was first checked for plausibility and congruence with the test catalogue, followed by an analysis of the technical and procedural conditions. In the third step, the structural and technical aspects were compared with the previously obtained results by means of an inspection. The positive test results led to the successful completion of the certification according to “Trusted Data Center”.

“Johanniter Competence Center GmbH is a good example of how a data center can be operated fail-safe and protected. The implementation of the data center rooms was sensible in terms of planning and carried out in accordance with the applicable standards. The audit proved that the infrastructure is continuously maintained and serviced”, explains Markus Weyland, auditor at TÜV TRUST IT.

Qualitätssiegel für die Sicherheit des 

From the left: Katrin Kuhna (JCC), Marcus Starke (JCC), Markus Weyland (TÜV TRUST IT), André Möbius (JCC), Jens Mauckisch (JCC), Ralf Hörstgen (JCC), Alexander May (JCC)

“The common requirements for a future-oriented data center operation were fulfilled. A positive aspect is the comprehensive protection for the qualified services to be provided. The basic protection goals of availability, confidentiality and integrity can be regarded as secured.”


With the “Trusted Data Center” certification, JCC ensures that its data center meets high security requirements. For Ralf Hörstgen, Managing Director of JCC, the certification is the logical consequence of a comprehensive commitment to quality.

“Our facilities trust that they will be supported in their work by a very high level of information technology. For us, the certification is the objective proof of our competence and safety requirements.