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TÜV AUSTRIA and CIPHRON: Team spirit and know-how for even more customer service

Expanded service portfolio to strengthen TÜV AUSTRIA’s market

The customers of the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group and CIPHRON can expect an even broader portfolio of security services as well as a greater regional presence in the future. In particular, the already wide-ranging area of IT, information and cybersecurity is to be expanded even further through the connection between CIPHRON and the TÜV AUSTRIA Group in order to optimally serve the growing requirements of customers as well as constantly evolving challenges in the future. Detlev Henze, Executive Business Director Digital Services at TÜV AUSTRIA, describes this as a further step in the completion of a corporate strategy that has already been successful for years: “For TÜV AUSTRIA, the topics of safety and security as well as supporting our customers in the digital transformation are always a priority. After TÜV TRUST IT has already been playing an important role in the area of IT security for more than ten years, we are now going one step further and creating the basis for being able to support our customers in the areas of IT and OT security even more comprehensively in the future by joining forces. The connection with CIPHRON is of strategic importance for us.”

Within the framework of this further development, TÜV TRUST IT will specifically expand its service in the development of applications, for example for fast security solutions and security operations or managed services (DEV and OPS). In the future, customers will also benefit from even more diverse expertise in specialised areas of cybersecurity, such as red-teaming, code review, crypto or hardware security. In return, CIPHRON’s portfolio will be expanded with know-how in the area of expert opinions and certifications.

“In order to be THE reliable TRUSTED partner number one for our customers in the medium and long term, a certain size and strength of our company is required,” says Dirk Münchhausen, Managing Director of TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group. And he continues: “Customers benefit from CIPHRON’s expert knowledge and from an even broader range of services. It puts us on the path to a full service offer from a single source in the field of security, which ultimately also strengthens our market position. So for us, one and one becomes three.”

The “CIPHRON DNA” is an ideal fit for the group of companies

But the advantages for the company’s customers are not only in the technical area. With the Hanover-based CIPHRON GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA will be present at another location in the future, which will also offer new geographical opportunities for fast on-site customer service. Last but not least, this regional expansion should also pave the way to further new customers. TÜV TRUST IT justifies the decision in favour of CIPHRON with a very similar corporate culture. “The DNA of CIPHRON simply fits ours. The people there are very creative, work in an enormously customer-oriented way and place a lot of value on a high team spirit,” says Dirk Münchhausen. And CIPHRON also sees an enormous advantage here, because both companies complement each other perfectly. Sebastian Horzela, founder and managing director of CIPHRON, describes this in more detail: “Professionally and also in terms of the orientation of the companies, we fit together very well. We complement each other in many ways and thus benefit from each other. From a technical point of view, the areas of ISMS consulting, technical security, OT security and secure software development are particularly worth mentioning in this context. In addition, both companies are striving to broaden their customer base, which goes hand in hand with corresponding industry knowledge in the customer environment. So in the end, both sides win and we are already looking forward to the projects that await us.”

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