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TÜV TRUST IT sets new standards with future-oriented test procedure

InnoValor B.V. benefits from four certificates with a single effort thanks to a new type of audit by the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA Group.

With its ReadID software, the Dutch company InnoValor B.V. offers an innovative procedure for the digital identity verification of natural persons. In order to be able to prove the comprehensive security of this software in the future, InnoValor asked TÜV TRUST IT as an independent expert to conduct a combined audit procedure, which was individually designed for the company and its general conditions.

Innovative audit procedure saves costs and time

After successfully passing the audit, those responsible at InnoValor received a module certificate for trust services according to eIDAS, a module certificate for eID schemes according to eIDAS, as well as an ISO27001 certificate for the information security management system and an ISO27701certificate for data protection in the ISMS. In order to grant these four certifications, one audit pass each would normally have had to be performed in accordance with the procedures eIDAS for eID schemes, eIDAS for trust services, ISO27001 (ISMS) and ISO27701 (data protection), with the corresponding cost and time effort. Thanks to the new procedure, these audits could now be performed as a single combination audit for the first time.

The TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA Group managed the entire coordination of the project and convinced with a well-organized project management. Bob Hulsebosch, Compliance Manager at InnoValor, also emphasizes that the individually developed audit procedure does not only mean an enormous cost and time saving for his company: “For qualified eID and trust service providers according to eIDAS who use ReadID, our certification now eliminates their effort for a repetition of the audit, because the auditors of our customers can already rely on our eIDAS module certification. Therefore, we are particularly pleased that we were able to realize the project in this special way with TÜV TRUST IT as an independent testing organization in the field of IT security as well as in the field of eID and trust services.”

Clemens Wanko, Head of Trust Infrastructure at TÜV TRUST IT and responsible for the eIDAS Conformity Assessment Body at TÜV AUSTRIA CERT, gives an equally positive résumé of the cooperation: “The project went very well all around and we can be pleased about excellent results. With their novel and certified product ReadID, InnoValor is one of the first technology providers in the field of identity verification to offer a certified, automated software for identity verification for use by trust services according to eIDAS and at the same time in eIDAS compliant eID schemes. For this, we as independent auditors congratulate them very warmly!”

Thus, with the innovative ReadID, customers of InnoValor are now not only using a brand new, intelligent mobile identity verification solution, but also one with proven security.

In a nutshell: What InnoValor says on origins & benefits of

Originating from research at Dutch fintech company InnoValor, ReadID is the leading NFC-based mobile identity verification solution.  It is rapidly adopted industries and application areas where fraud prevention is key, such as banking, e-government, border control, travel, and digital signing. ReadID leverages what people already have: government-issued identity documents with contactless NFC chips and NFC-enabled smartphones.

Reference customers include known banking institutions such as ING, Rabobank, Aion, Aegon; qualified trust service providers including the Estonian SK ID Solutions, Itsme from Belgium and Digidentity; and governmental organizations such as the UK Government for the EU settlement scheme, the world’s most successful remote identity verification immigration programme.


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