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“3 Questions” for Jürgen Kohr

Dr Jürgen Kohr has been Managing Director of TÜV TRUST IT in Germany and Austria and Head of the Digital Services Business Field at TÜV AUSTRIA since November 2022. Due to his previous responsible activities, he already brought a wealth of experience in the areas of cybersecurity and IT management to the company. Today we have three questions for Dr Jürgen Kohr:

Question 1: What do you consider particularly exciting about your job?

First of all, that I can freely shape the company and thus our work here in a team of security experts. And furthermore, we can contribute every day to providing our customers and our society with a little more security. I think that’s exciting.

Question 2: Which USP does TÜV TRUST IT have from your point of view?

Several things come to my mind. First and foremost, TÜV TRUST IT employs first-class security specialists. In addition, we communicate with our customers at eye level. And not to forget: We are a security medium-sized company for medium-sized companies.

Question 3: Characterise the TEAM of TÜV TRUST IT in 3 words.

Top expertise, respectful, successful

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