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Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)

Intrusion detection systems describe a service, technology alone does not fulfil the requirements of the BSI.

With increasing digitalisation, the risks of cyber attacks have also been rising for years. As a result, processes, customer data and company secrets have long been considered critical information. Many companies have recognised this threat and have already invested heavily in expanding their security infrastructure. A regulatory framework is also being created through various legal provisions.

The problem is that it often takes several months before a cyber attack is detected, giving attackers plenty of time to look around the company and steal valuable information or prepare for blackmail through encryption.

An intrusion detection system (IDS) makes it possible to detect a cyber attack early on and initiate an immediate response. The system acts as an alarm unit and, thanks to its holistic approach, the information from all monitored systems is centralised and analysed. This rapid response prevents damage and saves the attacker time. It is not without reason that CRITIS operators were forced to implement an IDS by 1 May 2023. We are happy to support you with a wide range of services relating to this topic.



Our customers benefit from various services relating to intrusion detection systems:

  • Preliminary project IDS: As part of a preliminary project, we support you in preparing your bid for an intrusion detection system. We pay attention to the key aspects and ask the right questions in order to fulfil the existing legal requirements and select the most suitable system.
  • Technical audit: We analyse and evaluate your technical security infrastructure. We will provide you with a recommendation for action to effectively secure your company.
  • IT security consulting: We advise you on your path to the best possible protection against cyber attacks. We compare your IT security infrastructure with the standards required by law and define the steps towards an optimum IT security landscape.
  • BSI Act §8a audit: Under BSIG §8a (3), CRITIS operators are also required to provide the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) with evidence of the use of an intrusion detection system every two years. We are happy to organise this audit for you. Find out more here.
  • Audits in accordance with EnWG §11 (1f): For companies in the energy sector via TÜV AUSTRIA Deutschland GmbH.
  • SOCaaS for IT and/or OT (Security Operations Centre as a Service from CSOC) – We are happy to monitor your IT and/or OT infrastructure around the clock with a SOCaaS. Certified Security Operations Center GmbH offers services specifically for SMEs, based on a holistic approach to protection against cybercrime. Find out more here.

Your benefits

  • As a TÜV organisation, we are familiar with the legal regulations on the subject of intrusion detection systems. We help you to assess your situation and support you in implementing the necessary measures.
  • Consulting in terms of intrusion detection systems and deployment of a SOC: We not only support you in taking stock of a suitable IDS and analysing the security environment, but also offer you a high-performance SOC through our joint venture, Certified Security Operations Center GmbH.