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A lot of fun at work and a great team: Sascha Voss reveals what a job in the accounting department at TÜV TRUST IT involves.

Working in accounting is boring, jejune and without much variety? Not at TÜV TRUST IT, says Sascha Voss. The 48-year-old has been working for the company as Head of Finance since April 2020 and is responsible for all aspects of controlling and accounting at locations throughout Germany, as well as some in Austria, Turkey and Malaysia. In this interview, he provides an insight into the day-to-day work of his unit and reveals what makes TÜV TRUST IT unique as an employer in his eyes.

Mr Voss, tell us something about yourself. How did you come to TÜV TRUST IT and what are your current areas of responsibility?

I started with a classic bank education, but then continued with university studies because the job in the bank did not suit me so much. After that, I went into controlling with stations at several large companies, where I also had leadership responsibility. I have been at TÜV TRUST IT for almost three years now and currently lead a team of four people. We handle all financial tasks in our Shared Service Centre. This means that we operate not only for TÜV TRUST IT, but also for seven affiliated companies, for which we take over the entire accounting, meaning all incoming and outgoing payments with the exception of personnel accounting. This adds up to a lot and the workload will also increase in the future, which is why we are looking for further staff.

What should a potential new colleague contribute and be able to do?

We have published a rather detailed job advertisement on our website, which interested candidates should definitely take a look at. For example, we expect applicants to have had some contact with accounting. A dedicated person who fits the job can learn a lot, but the basics have to be there. SAP is a topic where knowledge would be great. But we can also provide training and support the colleague at his or her own level. Furthermore, it should be said that we do offer home office after the initial training, but we also value being on site regularly at least once a week. Therefore, a place of residence around Cologne would be favourable. It should also be clear that we have a core time during the day when most of the traffic comes in. The freedom to organise your time is a great benefit at TÜV TRUST IT, but night owls who like to start in the evening are better off in other areas. Basically, we are happy to hear from committed applicants who would ideally like to start full-time and give the job a chance to show that it is not as boring and outdated as its reputation. Because at least with us, that is definitely not the case.

What makes the job in accounting so interesting for you?

We never get bored and it is not a monotonous job. After all, both are persistent clichés. By working in our Shared Service Centre, we practically work for several companies at the same time, which means variety, constantly new subject areas and also a lot of action. In addition, and this is not a phrase for us but a lived reality, we always have a lot of fun and joy at work. Motivational jokes are cracked, we laugh a lot at ourselves and can also take the mickey out of each other on a respectful basis. There is simply a family atmosphere, you feel at home among your colleagues and that is very pleasant. I have had other good employers, but TÜV TRUST IT cannot be topped in this area.

So it also fits on a human level?

Absolutely, and that is also important – both among colleagues and with the direct supervisor, so that you also dare to approach him or her if you have an issue. Therefore, we emphasise flat hierarchies and the approachability of supervisors. We are in constant communication anyway, and whenever something comes up, there is always someone to talk to and who has a sympathetic ear. This also applies to private issues. It goes without saying that every job is stressful from time to time and that not every day is as much fun. But we always deal with stress together in the company, we are one team despite the different units and we live a very open communication. No one is left alone, right from the start. When new colleagues join, someone always makes sure that they get to know everything, know what to look out for and so on. I can honestly say that it is simply a great team.

You mentioned the start in the company. How does the initial training and further training of employees proceed?

A good initial training is standard for us. We never throw anyone in at the deep end and make sure that new colleagues can get to know us, the daily work routine, the processes and, of course, their own tasks. I already briefly mentioned SAP at the beginning, for which we offer intensive training, for example. And since learning does not end after the induction period and we like to see our employees continuing their education and development, we are always creating new opportunities for this as well. This includes a comprehensive learning portal to which all colleagues have access after the probationary period. For example, there are learning videos on accounting topics and complete courses that can be paused at any time and continued at the same place. In this way, everyone can select the topics that interest them and work on it when it suits them. We think this makes more sense than individual, expensive seminars at a fixed time, the contents of which are often no longer present a short time later anyway.

Mr Voss, could you say a few final words to potential applicants?

Brief and simple, anyone who would like to join our great team and take on a variety of tasks: Apply, come to the interview, get to know us and see for yourself. Coffee, water and cool team events are free, even after the probationary period. That’s a promise!

Thank you very much for the interview, Mr Voss!

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