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BSI warns of cyber threats

In March, the President of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), Claudia Plattner, visited TRANSFORM, a platform for the digital transformation of companies set up by the digital association Bitcom. Plattner once again emphasised the enormous threat of cyber attacks, and warned against ransomware attacks in particular. After all, these are currently coming up with more and more new variations to overcome the protective measures of authorities and companies.

Furthermore, the BSI is dealing with a large increase in security vulnerabilities. According to Plattner, public institutions such as hospitals, authorities and communes are currently the main focus of attackers, nevertheless it is also extremely important for businesses to optimise cyber security measures. Plattner emphasised that although the BSI can provide support with comprehensive measures to prevent attacks and also in the event of an emergency, the success of these measures depends largely on consistent implementation on site.

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