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Inter Act B.V. receives “Trusted IoT-Device” certificate

TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, a member of TÜV AUSTRIA Group, successfully certifies central “TeleControlNet” component.

Inter Act B.V. has been active in industrial automation and system integration throughout Europe for over 30 years. At the turn of the millennium, the company shifted its focus to industrial applications built on web- and cloud-based technologies. This led to the creation of the universal IoT suite SaaS TeleControlNet. Offering a range of innovative remote functions, this IoT suite’s central components include a representative edge controller. This controller now underwent a security certification process by TÜV TRUST IT based on the “Trusted IoT Device” test catalogue.

Edge controller undergoes in-depth audit

During the two-stage certification audit, safety-relevant issues were first identified and precisely evaluated in a joint workshop with stakeholders and engineers of Inter Act B.V. Based on the evaluation results, two controllers were then subjected to a technical analysis in the TÜV TRUST IT IoT laboratory. This procedure certified that Inter Act B.V. had handled well the technical security configuration and all surrounding processes to build secure software. The audit was thus successfully completed.

TÜV TRUST IT security expert André Zingsheim congratulates Inter Act B.V. on the successful certification of its Edge Controller as a “Trusted IoT Device”. Zingsheim underlines the excellent combination of security and functionality: “As part of the SaaS solution TeleControlNet, the controller offers many interesting functions, such as remote operation of production sites, and is a good example of how IoT functions can also be implemented properly in terms of security”.

Jos Nijhof, CEO of Inter Act B.V. gives an equally positive testimonial to TÜV TRUST IT by emphasising that the security of industrial web applications is a top priority and that special external expertise is needed to achieve this: “For the end-to-end solution, as offered by Inter Act, this multidisciplinary expertise was hard to find until we met the TÜV TRUST IT  of Cologne. We were pleasantly surprised that they could offer exactly the know how what we were looking for and as first step they recently certified our TeleControllers (edge controller).” In addition, Inter Act B.V. has expressed interest in further cooperation with TÜV TRUST IT: “We had a very constructive and pleasant way of working together with them and are considering a long term cooperation“, says Nijhof.

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