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Certification of “Trusted Usability”

Usability is an important consideration in the design of products because it is concerned with the extent to which the users of products are able to work effectively, efficiently and with satisfaction. The usability of products can be improved by incorporating features and attributes known to benefit the users in a particular context of use. Planning for usability as part of the design and development of products involves the systematic identification of requirements for usability, including usability measures and verifiable descriptions of the context of use.

These provide design targets which can be the basis for verification of the resulting design. There is a need for an evaluation and official certification approach in quality of use to ensure product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals in a specified context of use. Therefore, TÜV TRUST IT has developed the “Trusted Usability” certification.

Your benefits

  • Proof for your customers and business partners that your app meets the required level of quality and satisfaction
  • Comprehensive test report highlighting potentials for improvement
  • Effective competitive advantage and promotion of new customer acquisition
  • Online availability of your certificate on the website of TÜV TRUST IT
  • The TÜV seal to foster your marketing