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Common Criteria

The Common Criteria for Information Technology Security Evaluation (also known as Common Criteria or CC) is an international standard for testing and evaluating the security properties of IT products. The CCs distinguish between the functionality (Security functionality) of the considered system and the trustworthiness (Assurance). The analysis of the security functionality forms the basis for the measurement and evaluation of the assurance level, which represents the degree of trustworthiness.

As a manufacturer, you have to provide a number of specific documents to certify your product according to CC. These are often not available in the required form and must be created initially. Due to the many different CC-specific terms and requirements, experience is required to produce these documents.

The consultation can be understood as assistance for the internal development and production departments.  Thereby, experience and knowledge can be built up in your company, of which you can dispose for re-certifications and certifications of new products. The uniform certification and evaluation methodology enables the recognition of certificates within the scope of international agreements.

Your benefits

  • A Common Criteria (CC) product certification is the highest security product certification that can be obtained in a commercial environment.
  • Furthermore, CC allows the comparison of the security functions of different IT security products.
  • The CC also allows IT products access to the sovereign market in the federal sector.
  • By means of CC certifications, the internal development and production environments can be organised and standardised.