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Our new column: “3 Questions for” Matthias Freymann

Matthias Freymann is a consultant for data protection and information security at TÜV TRUST IT. We have three questions for him today:

1. What makes your work so interesting for you?

In my work, I meet customers from a wide variety of sectors: Industry, retail, banking, public administration, food production – the whole range of sectors. And with each client I learn new aspects of their professions. So it never gets boring and no two projects are the same.

2. Why did you finally decide to join TÜV TRUST IT (back then)?

In my 27 years of professional life, I have passed through every conceivable station, from a major international corporation to a start-up. But I liked it best in the “medium-sized” companies, where on the one hand you can also meet the bosses regularly in the coffee kitchen, but on the other hand there are enough colleagues who can help me with questions or problems. TÜV TRUST IT offers me exactly this middle ground.

In the end, however, it was the job interview that convinced me. Flyers and websites only give a superficial picture of the company. The personal contact with future colleagues was decisive for me.

What advantages do you see in being a small company that belongs to a group?

Large corporations usually offer a secure job, but very little say in development – their own and also that of the corporation. In a small company or start-up, you have a lot of influence, but often have to make concessions and live with a constant high pressure of expectations. At TÜV TRUST IT, we have combined the advantages of both company sizes. We have a whole group behind us, but a lot of freedom within our area. This means that we can help shape projects and developments here without constant pressure or fear for our own jobs.


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