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Patient portal successfully certified according to “Trusted App”

The “KOS : me” patient app by POTTHOFF + PARTNER has been certified by the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA Group as having excellent security and data protection.

As a long-standing industry specialist, the software company POTTHOFF + PARTNER provides advice and support in the healthcare sector throughout Germany and the entire DACH region and develops innovative software solutions for this sector, among other things. POTTHOFF + PARTNER’s service portfolio also includes user training and organisational planning. In order to provide the best possible support not only to the more than 170 affiliated clinics, but also to their patients, the company has developed the patient portal “KOS : me” to complement the KOS clinic software, which, according to the developers, actively involves patients in the key processes in the clinic. This covers the entire period from the patient’s arrival to their stay and aftercare.

“KOS : me” convinces the security experts

In order to guarantee the information security and data protection of the progressive web application (PWA) “KOS : me” in addition to its many benefits, POTTHOFF + PARTNER commissioned the TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA Group with a comprehensive certification audit in accordance with TÜV TRUST IT’s own “Trusted App” certification. This certification audit is based on relevant standards, norms and laws as well as TÜV’s own best practices. “Patient data is extremely sensitive and is subject to particularly high data protection requirements. We take our responsibility in this context very seriously and attach great importance to giving our customers and their patients a good and secure feeling when using our portal,” says Managing Director Markus Potthoff at POTTHOFF + PARTNER, explaining the decision to commission TÜV TRUST IT with the certification. The latter was extremely pleased with the high level of security provided by “KOS : me”. In particular, by using additional encryption methods, the application achieved a higher level of protection for data traffic than applications that rely solely on encryption at transport level. The storage of session information in the local browser was also rated extremely favourably by the security experts, as it also leads to increased protection of user data. Project manager René Decker from TÜV TRUST IT summarises: “Overall, communication during the test implementation was consistently fast and unproblematic, for which I would like to thank all those responsible for the project. Of course, we are also very pleased with the positive result and wish POTTHOFF + PARTNER continued success with the successful application.”

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