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“3 Questions for” Axel Amelung

Axel Amelung has been a Senior Account Manager at TÜV TRUST IT for almost ten years. In his job, he supports our customers in effectively protecting themselves against cybersecurity threats and meeting regulatory requirements. Today we get to ask him three questions.

1. What makes your work so interesting for you?

The tension between the following things makes my work so interesting for me:

(a) We are moving in cybersecurity, an environment that is as exciting as it is complex. There are new developments and threats every day that constantly present companies with new challenges.

(b) The regulator is continuously making new demands on companies to protect themselves effectively. And this is not only happening at national level, the EU is also intervening here time and again.

(c) TÜV TRUST IT is a dynamic company of short distances. This means that we can also react immediately to new customer situations at any time.

(d) As an account manager, I deal with people. With every call or customer contact, a new situation can arise in which we develop a solution with the customer that meets the requirements. That’s what makes my work so varied and interesting.

2. Why did you finally decide (back then) to work for TÜV TRUST IT?

I was already intensively involved with cybersecurity issues during my studies. After that, my career drove me more strongly into ICT. TÜV TRUST IT offered me the opportunity to return to my passion. In addition, I found a very dynamic, opportunity-rich working environment with fair remuneration. And I was able to establish a relationship of trust with my boss right away, which has continued to deepen over the years.

3. Characterise TÜV TRUST IT as an employer in 3 words.

Difficult, I can think of many more!
My working relationship is characterised by personal responsibility and trust, and I value that very much.
Our open communication culture makes it possible for me to turn to my boss, right up to the management, with questions or problems at any time. They always take the time and have an open ear.
Of course, TÜV TRUST IT offers fair remuneration and a variety of additional offers. In addition, our growth offers opportunities for every employee to develop personally.
And as a TÜV company, we have a strong brand that is the epitome of independence and neutrality. This gives us credibility and trust with customers so that we can support them in very sensitive areas.

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