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3 Questions for … Philine Allard

Philine Allard is responsible for talent acquisition at TÜV TRUST IT and supports the departments across the company in the areas of recruiting, applicant management and employer branding. Her greatest endeavour is to use active sourcing and an ideal candidate journey to attract the right talents as new employees in the long term. We have 3 questions for her today:

1. question: What makes your work so interesting for you?

If I had to describe my work environment in one word, it would be versatility. The area of talent acquisition is diverse and can be structured in different ways in every company. TÜV TRUST IT allows me to contribute my ideas and to build up the area anew – and all this across several entities. From the topics of active sourcing and applicant management to the onboarding of new colleagues and the general process optimisation of the candidate journey, I have free scope for creativity. I am in close contact with many teams and potential new team members, which gives me a lot of pleasure. It is fun to grow with my new tasks and responsibilities and to know that a company with technical expertise is behind me.

2. question: Why did you apply here in the first place? / What did you like BEFORE you applied?

Fate or serendipity, whatever you want to call it. To be honest, I have to say that I did not actively apply for the job. Of course, I was familiar with TÜV as a brand, but not from the IT security environment. Through a mutual contact, I networked with Dr Jürgen Kohr via LinkedIn and it was an immediate match. By the way, that’s a great example of how recruiting works nowadays. ???? It was a very uncomplicated, relaxed and authentic process right from the start, which I didn’t know from previous application processes. I really appreciated the honest words and transparency – and that is still the case today. Professionalism and authenticity convinced me.

3. question: How did you experience your starting period / onboarding?

What surprised me was the trust and the open mindset that was shown to me right from the start. True to the motto ” dream big”, I was encouraged to let my creativity flow and turn it into ideas and ultimately into projects. I was met with so much openness and it is nice to experience that ideas are noticed and also accepted, especially when you are new to the company. From day 1, I had the responsibility to build up and freely shape the area of talent acquisition. I have the feeling of being effective and supporting the company in its growth. On the other hand, I have the security of being able to count on years of expertise at any time and receive support from all colleagues up to the management. It’s simply fun, I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve been given and excited about everything that’s coming up.

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