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Bosch Smart Home System again awarded TÜV seal for safety

TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA Group was once again able to award components of the Bosch Smart Home System as a “TRUSTED IoT Device”.

The smart home system from Bosch Smart Home GmbH, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch GmbH, was certified for the first time in 2017. Recently, the smart devices were tested again by TÜV TRUST IT as an external, objective body and the good result of the initial certification was confirmed. Bosch Smart Home GmbH is particularly pleased about the re-certification, as it sees a special responsibility towards the consumer in this product line. This is because the smart home devices are mainly used in private environments, where data protection must be given a particularly high priority.

Bosch Smart Home devices are not only smart but safe

Cameras and smoke alarms, door and window contacts, thermostats, devices for lighting control and much more are included in the Bosch Smart Home System. These are centrally controlled via the Smart Home Controller, which is the heart of the system and connects all devices with each other and stores system data locally. In addition to a number of sensors, this controller was the focus of the re-certification by TÜV TRUST IT. The basis for the comprehensive audit was a catalogue that covers the entire implementation as well as the basic conceptualisation of the certification as a TRUSTED IoT device.

Daniel Backes, project manager at TÜV TRUST IT GmbH, TÜV AUSTRIA Group is pleased with the good result once again and underlines the practical benefit that Bosch Smart Home GmbH can draw from this re-certification: “The certificate as a TRUSTED IoT device is a very clear message to the company’s customers, for whom it is important to be able to trust in the security of their purchased products.”

However, in order to continue to give effective security the highest priority, Christian Thess, managing director of Bosch Smart Home GmbH, wants to start already in the development of IoT devices: “At Bosch Smart Home, data protection and data security have always had a very high priority. Together with product development, our experts take care of the security assessment and the protection requirements of the products. The entire product life cycle is taken into account, starting with the first step of the development process, through the introduction of the products and functions, to ongoing operation. An integral part of this is that we have our security regularly and intensively tested by external, independent institutes such as TÜV TRUST IT. We are very pleased that our system has been certified again.”

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