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Viessmann IT Service GmbH Receives Certificates According to “TÜV Approved IT Service Quality”

After Viessmann IT Service GmbH had its portal service for connecting the national and international business areas of the Viessmann Group certified by TÜV TRUST IT in 2014, it also received TÜV Approved IT Service Quality certification for its SAP ERP system environment in 2015.

Initial situation

Viessmann IT Service GmbH is part of the Viessmann Group, one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and cooling systems. The family-owned company employs 11,600 people and has a group turnover of 2.2 billion euros. As an IT service provider, Viessmann IT Service GmbH provides reliable and secure IT services for the companies of the Viessmann Group. In 2014, the company had its Portal Service certified according to “TÜV Approved IT-Service Quality” in order to be able to prove that the IT services of Viessmann IT Service GmbH are consistently effective and efficient for internal customers and that they are of a high quality.

Viessmann IT Service GmbH operates this portal as a national and international access point for employees, customers and suppliers. In addition to the Portal Service, the company also uses an SAP ERP system environment that provides business management functions and tasks for almost all areas of the company and thus makes a significant contribution to the performance of the Viessmann Group. This service has also been awarded the “TÜV Approved IT-Service Quality” seal.


Initially, in order to determine the certification capability of the Portal Services and the SAP ERP system environment, a preliminary audit of each of the two services was carried out and successfully completed. In this way, optimisation measures and investment priorities could be identified to ensure high service quality. After a substantial further development of the services considered in the follow-up to the pre-audit, the certification audits were carried out in a second step, in which it was checked whether the IT services had quality weaknesses and risks. The main focus here was on the IT service management processes that are necessary for maintaining and further developing the services during ongoing operations in line with requirements. In addition to interviews with those responsible for processes and services, surveys were carried out with the employees involved in the specialist departments, supporting tools were examined and relevant documents were reviewed. Furthermore, it was checked whether the documented processes had actually been implemented. This was limited to those procedures that help the persons responsible for IT service operations to ensure the necessary availability and stability of the services.

All test steps were performed on the basis of the “TÜV Approved IT-Service Quality” test catalogue, which takes into account the contents of the Infrastructure Library ITIL® best practices and regulations such as Cobit®, supplemented by standards such as ISO 20000 and ISO 27000.

Viessmann IT Service GmbH

Certificate handover at Viessmann IT Service GmbH. From the left: Stefan Möller (TÜV TRUST IT), Heinz-Josef Schnorbus (Viessmann IT Service GmbH), Paul Kowalewski (Viessmann IT Service GmbH) und Frank Zielke (ITSM-Group)

“The Portal Service and the SAP ERP system environment from Viessmann IT Service GmbH are a good example of how IT services can be continuously provided effectively and efficiently. No serious deviations were found in the certification audits. Above all, between the pre-audits and the certification audits, there was a noticeable improvement of the services in question”, explains Audit Manager Markus Weyland, Senior Consultant at TÜV TRUST IT.


The two certificates enable Viessmann IT Service GmbH to objectively and convincingly demonstrate the quality level of its IT services to customers and business partners. As Dr. Harald Dörnbach, Managing Director of Viessmann IT Service GmbH, explains the certifications: “In order to meet the continuously increasing performance requirements of our customers, we dedicate ourselves with great commitment to quality assurance measures.

The motivation for the certification projects for us consisted in the fact that independent experts took a critical look at our services during the assessment and that we were able to document our service quality to our customers by means of an objective certificate.”